Brand SAB Category Goblin 580 Reference SG749
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PIUMA (feather in Italian) is synonymous with lightness. This 700-sized model is extraordinarily light and comes up with a new style of flying. It does not replace the classic RAW 700 but it creates another option for those who do not like crazy head speed but want a light flying style that does not exceed “physical limits” with an interesting low-cost setup.

All our tests were done with the typical 580 setup (4025/4030 motor size).

The weight of the PIUMA with 6S-5500 mA/h battery is under 4 Kg.

RAW PIUMA is obtained from the MIX of the parts used in the RAW 700 - RAW 580 - RAW 700 NITRO.

12S 3300-3700 mA/h or 6S 5200-5800 mA/h are the recommended setups for the best flight compromise.

12S 5000 mA/h for 6 minutes of good average 3D.

Specification :

• AIRFRAME weight: 2200gr (with blades, no battery, no electronics).

• Main rotor diameter: 1542 mm (with 700 mm blades).

• Main blade length: 650 to 730mm.

• Tail rotor diameter: 276 mm (with 105 mm tail blades).

• Tail blade length: 105 to 115 mm.

• Cyclic Servos: Standard size 40mm.

• Tail Servo: Standard size 40mm.

• Main Rotor Ratio: 12 to 9 (20T included: 10.77:1).

• Tail Rotor Ratio: 4.9-5.1:1 (22T included: 5.1:1).

KIT Includes:

• 20T motor pulley (other pulley sizes available).

• 2 battery trays with straps.

• S 700 mm main blades.

• S 105 mm tail blades.