FlyWing Bell-206 PNP

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FLY WING Bell 206

FLY WING Bell 206

FlyWing Bell 206 H1 GPS RC Helicopter BNF Version

One of the most beautiful Bell 206 replica RC helicopter. It is super easy to fly, its very beginner friendly GPS RC Helicopter. Learn to fly RC Helicopters with FW Bell 206. A stunning RC Heli and a must have for Bell 206 Lovers.





FlyWing Bell 206 450 / 470 size RC helicopter is a beautiful scaled replica of the legendary Bell Helicopter. It is equipped with H1 GPS helicopter flight controller that makes it very beginner friendly. Even a kid can easily fly this beautiful helicopter (Adult supervision is must)

FW Bell 206 H1 GPS RC Helicopter offers following features.

  • One Key Take off
  • GPS Position hold
  • Altitude and Attitude Hold
  • Manual Flight mode (Do not perform 3D or inverted stunts)
  • Auto Circle and Figure 8 flight
  • Auto Return to home and land on demand, low battery and if Controller disconnects.
  • Brushless Tail rotor system
  • Scaled and Beautiful Easy to assemble Shell
  • Magnetic front shell canopy for easy installation of battery
  • H1 Lite GPS Helicopter Autopilot
  • Up to 20 minutes with 5200mAh 4S HV Lipo battery (In real life 16 to 18 minutes easily given winds condition)
  • Easy to put together and setup with different radio controllers.
  • Super easy to fly and control for beginners

Available in PNP version Bell 2o6 is very easy to put together, H1 flight Controller setup is easy and straight forward. Right after setup, just need to perform compass calibration once and you can enjoy beautiful scale flights with Bell 206 H1 GPS RC Helicopter.