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Goblin COMET Black – Red

Be the first to take your helicopter to orbit! If you like speed, this goblin comet is for you!

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Refined and exclusive ... The COMET brings a new concept to the market.
The Comet is optimized for maximum aerodynamics. It has features designed for high-speed flights.
There are few components which implies a simple maintenance and a great elegance to the simplicity of the Comet.
An optional motorized landing gear for better aerodynamics.

COMET offers unmatched flight performance.

Main rotor: T line speed, 720 mm (up to 800 mm).
Tail rotor: 105 mm tail rotor blades (up to 115 mm).
Recommended Controller (ESC): 200A / 14S
Cylinder capacity: 4530, 4540, series 5030 (480-560 kv)
Recommended battery pack: 12S-5000mAh, 4300mAh 14S, 14S 5000mAh
Hood Opening
Fast Battery System


H0742-K retractable landing gear electric and electronic speed information!
Retractable landing gear

Recommended RC components (not included):

Servos of the swashplate: standard size (40 mm) - BK DS-7002HV, BK BLS 8001/8002 HV, MKS HBL 880, 960 MKS HBL
Rear servo: standard size - BK DS-7006HV; BL BLS 8005HV +, MKS HBL 890, MKS HBL 990, Futaba BLS276 SV
Flybarless system: VStabi Neo; Axon, Mirco Beast Plus, Demon 3X / 3SX, Vortex Spartan

Recommended engine (not included):

Brushless 200A
Scorpion Tribunus 14S-200 - our recommendation!
Kontronik cool Kosmik 200/200 Kosmik - 3D Performance / Drives Power
Kontronik Jive Pro 120; YGE 120HV - Steering wheel
Scorpion 5040-530 Speed, 4540 Ultimate, 4535-500, 4530-540
Kontronik Pyro 850-50L Competition / 850-50L, Pyro 800-48 Competition / 800-48
Xnova 50 Editions Speed, 50-530 Tareq Edition, XTS 4535-520


(Without RC electronics, motor, controller ...)
SAB TB 720 mm Carbon speed blades
SAB 105mm carbon tail rotor blades
Installation instructions

The Comet, certainly the fastest helicopter in the world, as our friend Marcel loves!
<3 <3 <3



 Diamètre du rotor principal : 1626 mm
• Pales : 720 mm
• Les pales optimisées pour être extrêmement stable à haute vitesse
• diamètre de rotor de queue : 283 mm
• Les lames arrières : 104 mm voyage arrondi optimisé pour la haute vitesse
• Poids avec tous les appareils électroniques sans les piles : 4010 g
• Ratio de 11,9 / 8,5 : 1 ( 22T poulie inclus dans le kit pour le rapport 9.8:1 )
• Servos cycliques: taille standard 40 mm
• Servo de queue : la taille standard 40 mm
• Régulateur de vitesse typique: Kontronik Kosmik 160/200 , 160-320 YGE
• Moteur type: Pyro 800-850 , Scorpion 4535/40 - Max . 65 mm de diamètre x 80 mm Hauteur
• compartiment de la batterie: 75 x 58 x 350 mm
 Le kit comprend :
• 22T poulie du moteur ( autres tailles disponibles poulies )
• bac 2 de la batterie
• 720 mm pales de vitesse
• 104 mm pointe lames de queue arrondie





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