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Flywing FW450L RTF V2.5 with radio

FW450L RTF V2.5

with radio

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  FlyWing 450L RTF V2.5
           Easy to Fly
                Omni-GPS positioning technology 
                     16V high power motor 
                    Modular quick disassembly



The Fw450l is equipped with a powerful 4S (16V) brushless motor. It is easy to
transport and maintain thanks to the design of its tail tube which is quickly
disassembled. With H1 flight control and multi-GPS positioning technology,
it can achieve autonomous drone, fixed-point hover, and intelligent return-to-
base (RTH) -type flights. The FW450 also has a 3D or acrobatics mode which
allows the learning of classic piloting (model, aerobatics or 3D) with the
possibility of switching back to GPS mode at any time to save the helicopter

Reliable flight control

Thanks to its atmospheric pressure sensor and its dual-mode GPS fixed point,
the helicopter is autonomous like a drone. It has, on switch, an inverted flight
mode and an automatic route mode which allow learning facilitated by simulation,
automatic catching up being always available.

The same FBL rotor structure as class 700

The high precision FBL rotor structure gives a rounder and more consistent feel.
Compared to the traditional 450L DFC structure, the addition of the wash out
allows a more stable flight. The size of the blade door axle and the main axle is
also that of 470L, which makes the device more robust and durable.

Metal gears, sturdy and hard-wearing

The Fw450l adopts full metal big gear design with durable high strength
industrial type belt. Servicing this helicopter is simple thanks to a tension
pulley with torsion spring that can be replaced without tools, by hand,
in less than a minute! It is generally much more complicated to replace
the plastic crown of a traditional helicopter which requires many tools
(screwdriver, etc.) and an operating manual from the first dismantling,
the process also remaining complex, long and laborious to take out the
transmission group, which makes maintenance difficult for novices.


16V power supply, power and efficiency

The 2816 big brushless motor driven by higher voltage 16V (4S) has a 
power and efficiency higher than that of the motor 2221 of voltage 12V 
(3S) used by the other traditional 450L. It is equipped with a motor 
controller (ESC 60A 4S) with a 32bit dual-core processor with a special 
helicopter governor which allows it to maintain an ultra-fast response 
capacity in 3D. This excellent governor makes it possible to keep a 
constant speed of rotation and to maintain a continuous output power 
without loss of revolutions.

Quick disassembly, ease of transport and maintenance

The tail tube can be easily removed with the red lever and put in a 
backpack. This modular design is also convenient for the maintenance
 and use of a 22mm rectangular tail tube and makes it sturdy even 
without guy wires.

Fixed stationary, no problem for a beginner 

In GPS mode, just push the pitch stick to take off and shoot to land.
The fixed height control feature ensures that the helicopter always
maintains a constant altitude so pilots can focus more on the flight.
A beginner can also use it without problem.

Return to base on a switch or in case of low voltage 

When the helicopter gets lost, it automatically returns to take-off
when where the HOME switch is on or the battery voltage is low.
Likewise, when the transmitter signal is lost, the helicopter will
automatically return to the take-off point. It is of course possible
at any time to regain control and cancel the return by flipping the
switch again.

A switch to switch on the back, even a beginner
can do stunts 

In multi-GPS positioning mode, the helicopter can also hover in
reverse flight. If the reverse flight switch is switched from normal
flight to reverse flight, the helicopter will automatically enter
reverse flight and fly over a fixed point. It is also possible to
use the 3D manual mode to fly and use the GPS to catch up in
inverted flight to a fixed point.

3D acrobatics, and catch-up on order 

During a 3D manual flight, the helicopter automatically increases
the RPM to increase the flight power (idle up). You can switch back
to GPS mode at any time and the helicopter will automatically
hover and perform an automatic rescue on switch. Thanks to the
multi-GPS positioning, the helicopter can fly upside down to save
its flight. As the helicopter approaches the inverted flight angle,
it will automatically catch up while hovering backwards making the
rescue faster and safer without overturning.

One-click automatic route for easy learning 

With a push of the switch, the helicopter can begin to perform an
automatic circle or a flight in 8; at that time you can learn the route
observing the flight position of the helicopter. You can still use the
controls and thus observe the inversions due to the position of the









FBL Flybarless Main Rotor

Used with 700 class helicopter FBL rotor head group, high stabilit. 
With washout, the helicopter is more stable and easier to use.








Carbon fiber main frame

Aircraft grade high strength carbon fiber main frame anti-torsion, 
can be compatible with violent 3D flight.








High performance Brushless tail motor

Tail motor for anti-torque with special ESC program for helicopter. 
The tail lock is powerful and efficient with a quick response even 
at low revs. The 22mm metal back tube is more durable.








All-metal 60A controller 
The ESC 60A dual output is a two in one. Using specific algorithms
to the helicopter, the rotation speed is constant, the start-up is 
slow and the flight more stable and efficient.









Enlarded landing pad

High tenacity train, not easy to break. Expanded design, take off 
and landing more stable. Difficult to overthow.









FW450L V2

Length(Without Main Rotoe) : 680mmm

Height : 220mmm

Width : 120mmm

Flying weight(Without battery) : 768g

Main Rotoe Dlameter : 810mmm

Main Blade Length : 360mm

Tail Rotor Diameter : 125mmm

Drive Gear Motor Drive Gear :11T

Main Drive Gear :66T

Drive Main Drive : 2816 BLDC

 Tail Drive : BLDC

 ESC 60A brushless ESC

GPS Mode

3D Mode

One-key to return

Flight mode Low power to return

Lose control to return

One key to invert fly

Semi automatic assisted flight(circle flight, 8 flight )


Hovering Accuracy Range Horizontal : ± 1.5 m (with GNSS positioning)

Vertical :± 0.5 m (with GNSS positioning)

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