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YGE 65 LVT brushless controller with telemetry

YGE 65 LVT brushless controller with telemetry

YGE 200 HVT brushless controller with telemetry

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Brushless controller YGE 65 LVT with adjustable BEC and telemetry


The -T- in the name of the YGE-65LVT stands for telemetry. Currently the following protocols are supported:


Graupner HoTT V4

Jeti ExBUS

Multiplex Sensor BUS V2

own YGE protocol for further telemetry connections via e.g. S32 (new jlog of R² prototyping). Further protocols are in preparation.

Due to the optional USB adapter, the 65LVT can be adjusted in many ways and new updates can be added. During operation, the PWM frequency is always automatically adjusted to the needs of the engine and is thus always optimal. Due to the new sine-start of the 65LVT, the startup behavior is now also SUPERSANFT. The heavy-duty (8 / 18A) and adjustable BEC (5.5 to 9V) complement the outstanding features of the YGE-65LVT.




The specified current is the maximum continuous full gas flow with good cooling.

2 to 6s LiPo, reverse regulation or shutdown in case of undervoltage.

BEC - undervoltage detection can be switched off.

current limit

Speed ​​control (governor mode).

Soft start.

Active freewheel, thus unlimited part-load.

Automatic timing, or adjustable in 6 levels.

EMK brake adjustable.

F3A / Acro brake (brake intensity steplessly adjustable in flight).

Min and Max values ​​are logged and can be displayed in the optional PC tool after the flight (for example, power)

Speed ​​limit: 240,000 rpm (2-pole)

Overtemperature / overload warning

Anti-glare: reduces the start-up spark.

Basic programming via mode setup.

Fine adjustment and choice of telemetry protocol via PC setup, suitable USB adapter is optionally available.


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